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She Yelled and Called Me Names

…something really strange happened.

Instead of getting mad or yelling back at her, a sense of empathy invaded me. I looked at her again, and this time I saw someone different, someone who wrenched my heart. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her hair was pulled back in a natty ponytail. She held her phone in her palm, glancing down at it every few seconds. And she was driving that big ole’ gas hog of a Suburban, my own car of choice when I had three kids at home and a carpool.

Dear God. I was looking at myself ten years ago. Same car, same ponytail. Same frustration.

Natural (And LEGAL!!!) Pain Killers [VEDS #18]

I talk about some of my favourite natural and legal pain killers. A lot of this stuff does more than just relieve or manage pain. It also helps reduce stress, trigger a natural detox, help with sleep problems, improve skin and more!

The most terrible pain I suffer from are excessive headaches, sinus pain, menstrual cramps, nerve pain, knee pain, back pain and general discomfort stemming from carrying a toddler around and working on my feet for several hours a day.

I use the following:

1.  Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

2.  Pure Frankincense  Essential Oil

3.  Young Living Propriety Joy  Essential Oil Blend

4.  Young Living Propriety Peace & Calming  Essential Oil Blend

5.  Young Living Propriety PanAway  Essential Oil Blend

6.  Black Haw Bark (Check this link out: & Cramp Bark Tea

7.  Chiropractic Care

8.  Registered Massage Therapy (RMT), Shiatsu Massage, Fixed Cupping ( or Swedish Massage

10. Meditation and Deep Breathing

I made this video in response to this video made by the Truther Girls: 

3 Great Natural (Legal) Painkillers:

Letting go…

There’s something gratifying about throwing out almost two decades worth of mementos.

High school notebooks: TOSSED.

Preteen diaries: TOSSED.

University binders: TOSSED.

Seriously, did I really think that I would find my high school English notes useful one day? Maybe if I ever forgot the proper use of there and their, tree and three, or its or it’s. It’s possible except, there’s this thing called the Internet now. Google it.

Plus, it’s not like I’ve ever actually re-read my old diaries. I laugh at that person. She was someone else… that wasn’t me.

I also remembered things I had forgotten about myself: Like how I spent all my middle school lunch money on Backstreet Boys stickers for my Backstreet Boys sticker books, or how I kept all my Teen People and YM magazines — both of which are no longer in publication due to their uber lameness and stupid advice about dieting.

I filled six recycling bins full of glossy expensive magazines I had collected over the years — that was three tall bookshelves worth of magazines. What a waste of money!

I wish someone had told me that one day I would not need DVDs and CDs because all of these things would be digitized. Oh wait, someone did tell me that but I bought them anyway. Now, I’m stuck with three bookshelves of media no one wants to buy because seriously, no one uses those anymore. Even Blockbuster and Rogers Video are out of business now because DVDs just… well… suck…

Gone are my materialistic days. Well… ish. I surprised myself. I was shocked I could take all these things I had been holding onto and collecting over a span of 20+ years and could toss them without feeling any heartache. Is that a sign of maturity? I don’t know, but enough is enough.

I don’t need these things, I certainly don’t have the space to store them, and it would be stupid to buy a bigger house just because I have all this stuff I need to store and never use again. Anyone want any DVDs or CDs? I’ll give ‘em to you for $1 each. Hell, I’d even give them away if it meant I could clear up some space in my home.

That’s why downsizing is awesome. Granted, my hubby and I are actually upsizing — moving to a bigger place. But, living in a small, cramped, but cozy apartment, for the past three years has really taught me to let go because I simply didn’t have the space to hold on to useless things.

Gone are the days when I held onto pretty shopping bags because they were, well… pretty. Gone are the days when I held onto beautiful boxes that packages came in because I thought I could use it to wrap a present in one day (which I never end up doing). Gone are the days when I thought I should hold on the packaging of an electronic or appliance “in case I ever wanted to return it.” Gone are the days when I held onto clothes because I thought I could fit into them again one day (I’m trying to be a frequent Salvation Army donor).

Letting go is pretty amazing. Baggage — physical or emotional — can really weigh you down.

Try it. Start letting go of things you seriously don’t need or use. It’s hard at first but after a while you realize your things don’t define who you are. The ability to live well without your belongings is a huge step toward enlightenment.

There’s a load of my shoulders.



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